Experience the most beautiful sunset in a luxury villa with a top-notch concept!

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Apartments and business premises in modern luxury villas

Location: Zadar (Borik), Croatia

Experience the most beautiful sunset in a luxury villa with a top-notch concept!

Villa Diamond is as special as the diamond which it is named after, primarily because of its unique form and location. It is situated in the center of two marinas in Borik,Zadar – the town whose beautiful sunset was admired even by the famous Hollywood director Alfred Hitchcock.

Five irregulary shaped towers  will be constructed on top of the underground garages. Each tower will have a central yard leading through the ground-floor level to each of the towers. This object will contain business premises as well, situated on the ground floor. There will be staircases leading to a plateau on the same level as the first floor, where there will be an infinity pool with sea view.

Each tower will consist of ground floor, two upper floors, a roof terrace and an elevator.

Residence of ground floor apartments will have a privilage to choose between different outdoor options. While some of them will have their own terrace or loggia and the yard, others will enjoy in relaxing swims in private pools or jacuzzis. 

First floor apartments will have access to the shared pool on the plateau.

Each tower’s second floor will house a penthouse with a terrace and an extra roof terrace with a pool.

About Zadar

Zadar is a sunny city in Middle Dalmatia, known for its beautiful sunset, well preserved historical core and diverse beaches. National and nature parks, as well as the islands, are easily accessible thanks to the good traffic connection. Because of its long tradition of the sport, Zadar is also called the city of basketball. Sport fans will love the newly built sports hall named after the basketball legend Kresimir Cosic.


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