5 Best Places to Visit in Croatia!

So, you’ve made up your mind, you are going to visit Croatia or possibly even move there. We understand you, Croatia is a lovely country, full of colors, natural beauty, cordial people. It is not difficult to fall in love with it its alluring call.

Once you get there, however, you will want to get to know all that it has to offer. We’ve made a list of places, landmarks and natural jewels you will for sure want to, not just see, but experience.

Let’s go on a journey and find the 5 best places to visit in Croatia!

1. The Town of Zadar

It would be unwise to start with any other town or region than the one we choose to build creative, luxury real estate. And it is precisely because we believe in the potential of Zadar region, and cannot stop feasting our eyes on its beauty, we need to say something more about its center, Zadar.

Zadar is a town situated on the coast, in the middle part of Dalmatia. It is surrounded by Adriatic Sea on the one side and mountain Velebit on the other. Its geographical position makes it hard not to love. There are so many islands to explore in its archipelago, interesting especially to those who love sailing. Zadar has many marinas and charter options.

Secondly, it is near a variety of National and Natural Parks, such as Krka or Paklenica.

The core of the Old Town is very well preserved and offers plenty to see, hear and taste. Visit the Church of St. Anastasia, one of the four patron saints of Zadar, walk down the city shore, and smell the alluring scent of the sea. Explore the Museum of Illusions, visit beautiful Queen Jelena’s Park. Dine in some of the best restaurants in town, bathe on one of many wonderful beaches in and near Zadar and relax your body and mind!

The Sea Organ, Zadar
The Sea Organ, Zadar

2.The Island of Vis

Situated in the Adriatic Sea, Vis is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia. During the Yugoslavia period, Vis served as a naval base and it was closed to tourism. Because of that, its many natural beauties remained preserved.

Crystal - clear and undisputable clean, the sea of Vis is absolutely dreamy, and so are its many beaches. For those who seek the atmosphere of a real Mediterranean island, fine dining and extraordinary wine, all while enjoying in some sunny peace and quiet, Vis is the place for you!

Also, you can easily go on short, one day trips from there. The trip you simply must take while in Vis, is the one to the Blue Grotto, on the island of Bisevo. It is a unique experience because of the distinctive light effects created by the fracture and reflection of the sun rays from the sea bottom.

Wine lovers simply must visit this beautiful island! Vis is best known for its wines – bugava, made out of several sorts of white wine and plavac, made out of red grapes. Bugava has sweet and rich taste while plavac, a very famous wine amongst the ancient Romans, has a bit stronger taste. While in Vis, don’t forget to reserve an excursion to wine cellars and routes!

Fun fact: Famous musical Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again was filmed on Vis where this Croatian island played the role of a Greek island where the story is placed in the movie.

The Island of Vis
The Island of Vis

3. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is probably the most famous Croatian city. Long before Croatia became a wanted touristic destination, Dubrovnik was known in all over the world. Celebrities often come to visit this ancient city, rich in historic and cultural heritage.

Dubrovnik is located on the south of Croatia, on the Adriatic coast. It is surrounded by 1940 meters long, unique medieval ramparts, protected by UNESCO World Heritage. The City Walls are an example of the development of fortification architecture. The building of the Walls started in the 8th century, and was finished at the end of the Middle Ages.

The city is known for its exquisite city center, many festivals, such as the most important theatre festival in the country, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and its excellence in tourism.

At Dubrovnik, you can enjoy luxury at its fullest – restaurants, hotels, sightseeing, shopping.

When you are there, don’t forget to take a trip to Ston, a place on the Peljesac Peninsula and taste some fresh oysters. Oysters have been cultivated in that area since the 17th century so be sure to give yourself a delicious treat!

Fun fact: One of the most famous series, The Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik for several years. If you are a fan, you can go on a tour to see the filming locations.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

4. Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and largest National Park in Croatia. It is located in the mountainous region of Croatia, halfway on the road between Zadar and Zagreb.

It is a stunning wonder of the nature indeed and it is a must see if you come to Croatia. Plitvice Lakes consists out of forest vegetation, grasslands and sixteen lakes, cascading one into the next.

There are seven different routes and four hiking trails you can take and there is also a boat tour available, so you don’t have to walk all the time. Plitvice Lakes is open during the entire year. Don’t hesitate to visit it during the winter and miss the chance to see that amazing greenery and lakes covered in snow.

Reserve a weekend at the four-star Jezero hotel, enjoy the rich gastronomic offer that includes specialties prepared from locally sourced produce.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park
The Plitvice Lakes National Park

5. Zagreb

You cannot go to Croatia and not see its Capitol, the city of Zagreb. Even though it suffered some heavy damage from the 2020. Earthquake, Zagreb is still as beautiful as it ever was. It has one of the longest existing university cultures in Europe and is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative center of Croatia.

There is truly a lot to do in Zagreb. From tasting traditional and modern cuisine, drinking specialty coffee, visiting cultural establishments such as Museum of Contemporary Art. Shopping in the most famous street in Zagreb – Ilica or driving in the funicular, the oldest means of transportation in Zagreb that connects the Upper and Downtown.

Best, perhaps, would be to let yourself dive into the vibrant energy of the city, its dynamic. Zagreb is a home for many people from different parts of Croatia and foreign countries. The diversity of cultures, all in one place make a special combination that is hard to resist.

Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia

We should not forget stunning Istria, gorgeous Varazdin, the island of Hvar. The list of amazing destinations to visit in Croatia could, of course, go on. This, however, is a good start!

If you, as we did, fall in love in Croatia and wish to come and live here, take a look at our luxury real estate project. We are sure you will find something that suits your taste!

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