Zadar County is a Fantastic Place to Live in! Here are the Seven Reasons Why

If you’re a lover of excellent wine, culinary delicacies, beautiful beaches, and are drawn toward historically rich cities, you will love Zadar County. It’s full of interesting places and amenable people, and you can witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world there. In its center, the town of Zadar, you can find the Sea Organ - a unique architectural concept that allows the sea waves to create music.

An easygoing lifestyle, the scent of salt in the air and delicious local food will bewitch all your senses and show you that life can truly be amazing. If you’re looking for a change and are considering a move, this text might offer you some answers. Continue reading to find out why Zadar County can be a fantastic place to live in!

1. An Excellent Geographic Location

Zadar County has an excellent geographic location, it is in the middle of the Adriatic Croatia, on the very North of Dalmatia. There are national parks and parks of nature located there whose beauty will take your breath away!

Passionate walkers will be thrilled by the dense forest and walkways with wooden bridges on Plitvice Lakes, while diving enthusiasts will fall in love with clarity of the sea around Kornati and Telascica on Dugi Otok. North Velebit is a great choice for those who love mountain climbing – most trails lead to mountain tops from which you have a magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea.

As a cherry on top, there is Zrmanja Canyon, ideal for those seeking adventure and adrenaline rush, where the Winnetou movies were filmed.

2. Breathtaking Beaches

Zadar County beaches are masterpieces of nature – there are sandy, gravel, rocky, wild and maintained beaches. While on wild beaches like Duboka Draga in Vrsi you can enjoy peace and listen to the sea undisturbed, on maintained beaches like Zlatna Luka in Sukosan you can ride the paddle boats, have fun in the adrenaline parks, shower on the beach, and relax while drinking coffee or a cocktail.

Ljubac sandy beach is ideal for families with kids – they can safely play in the sea without a care. The most famous Croatian beach, Zrce on Pag Island will satisfy the appetite of everyone who likes a wild party by the sea.

City beaches in the heart of the county, Zadar, offer the same variety. You can enjoy the sand and shade on Borik, while on Punta Bailo, a beach you can reach on foot by a beautiful walkway with a symbolic title, Karma, you can find small cliffs and a pine forest.

3. A Pleasant Climate Gracing the Summers in Zadar County

The Zadar Climate is one of the common reasons many choose specifically this county to settle down. Lots of sun, just a little bit of rain and mild winters – except when the famous northeastern wind called bura hits – are the main characteristics of this Mediterranean climate.

During the summer, you will enjoy the warmth of the sun, while dense pine forests create a natural shade – which is very important on days with above-average temperatures. Mediterranean flora growing during the summer along numerous beaches provides an additional touch and a nice scent. Winters are short-lasting and mild, while the cold comes in waves which don’t last long.

What is specific to Zadar is that, since it’s often sunny – it has 2550 sunny days a year – it encourages you to take a walk through this wonderful town even if you must put on a coat. On the other hand, when another famous wind, the southeastern jugo blows, often accompanied by rain, you will notice that locals usually stay at home.

4. A Worldwide-Famous Sunset

Did you know that the famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock once called the Zadar sunset most beautiful in the world after the one in California? If you want to see it for yourself, come and live through the unforgettable experience of this city ripe with cultural heritage.

To start, we recommend you wait for the sunset on the Sea Organ, a unique architectural wonder turning the strength of the sea into music. After the sun sets, a few steps further there is another installation, Greetings to the Sun, made of solar panels offering you a spectacular lightshow right by the sea.

The next destination where you must watch the sunset is Privlaka, a well-known fishing place not far from Zadar. Besides having many beautiful sandy beaches, Privlaka will offer you a stunning sunset - a sky streaked with vibrant colors.

If you get captivated by the beauty of this small town and you decide it’s the place where you want to settle down, check out our innovative Villa Adriana – it might just be the right choice for you!

5. Must-Try Gourmet Delicacies

Those of you who love delicious food can find a wide variety of seafood, meat, vegetable and sweet dishes in this county that will surely satisfy your palate!

Try the savory anchovies, shrimps, stewed mussels, an octopus baked under the baking lid, the black risotto. Taste the amalgamation of sweet and savory in the Dalmatian prosciutto and melon combo, try the Nin Sokol – a meat delicacy for which a secret recipe is passed through generations, feel the taste of excellent homemade olive oil!

Likewise, do not miss tasting the Pag Cheese, made 100% of goat milk, that carries the European Seal of Excellence!

If you, however, want to test your culinary prowess, you can find a wide variety of produce on numerous markets – fruits, vegetables, eggs and other products of local family farms.

6. An Easygoing Lifestyle and Amenable People

Whether you want to simply slow down, take your morning coffee in peace or breathe in clean air, Zadar County can offer you all of that. Living in smaller places near Zadar will allow you to relax in the off-season, and offer you loads of events and fun during the summer months.

If you don’t want to give up living in an urban environment, but lean toward a more easygoing lifestyle, Zadar might be right up your alley.

The locals are always willing to “cakulati” (a local term meaning pleasant small talk), and their favorite activity is drinking coffee by the sea or in the main square bathed in sunlight.

Long walks on the beach or fishing as great ways of dealing with stress are also common. This is an area where you won’t mind stopping

to breathe in the sea air and dedicate time to yourself, whether it's during your holiday or in the middle of winter.

7. Good Connection to the Rest of Croatia

North and South of Croatia are well-connected to Zadar County by road, rail, and air traffic. It is directly connected to the capital by the A1 highway, as well as to the southern Croatia. If you don’t want to take the highway, but want to enjoy the natural beauty, you can take the Adriatic main road. It is a must to visit Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke if you take that road.

A system of ferries, catamarans and speedboat lines connects the 17 inhabited islands. You can reach each of the islands by regular lines or private daily boat excursions. There is an airport not far from Zadar leading you to various parts of European and world countries.

Zadar County can truly be a fantastic place to live in if you are looking for a more easygoing, marine environment, whether for a summer holiday or a permanent move. Adria Europe Group builds many luxury properties in this county which can offer you excellent comfort and innovative design. Are you interested? Contact us!

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