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Modern Villas with Pool – Find Yours in the Sun-filled Dalmatia!

Home of Croatia's sunniest island, innumerable beauties of nature, historical cities, recognized and protected cultural goods. It attracts movie stars and movie makers who often choose it as a set for their movie productions. But Dalmatia is more than just the clear, blue Adriatic Sea, olive oil, and white stone – its soul comes from its people. Sometimes temperamental, but always approachable and hospitable, there when you need them.

This region older than Croatia is special in a lot of ways, a Croatian jewel that is yet to realize its full potential. If modern villas with pool and luxury apartments on the sunny coast are what you seek, with Adria Europe Group projects Dalmatia could be the perfect region for you.

It has four counties – Zadar, Sibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia, and Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik are its most famous cities, but Dalmatia has many other pearls.

Get comfortable with a cup of coffee - Dalmatians' favorite drink they sometimes take hours to enjoy and come along to a short trip around Dalmatia!

Modern Villas with Pool of the Highest Standard Found in the Zadar County Area

Blue sea and green pine trees, and on the plate, a richness of color and taste. In Zadar County, the royal city of Nin has the smallest cathedral in the world. Zadar, the heart of the county, a city over 3000 years old, has the largest Roman forum on this side of the Adriatic. It has remarkable examples of Romanesque churches like St Donatus where musical evenings are held during the summer.

In Zadar, you have the opportunity to hear the music that the sea itself creates – this city is home to world's first sea organ. Just a step away is another Nikola Basic's architectural wonder – the Sun Salutation. A monument to the sun whose sunset is one of the most beautiful in the world, as the famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock noted during his time spent in this city.

In just about twenty minutes on the ferry, you can reach the first island of the Zadar Archipelago, Ugljan, that will delight you with its diverse beaches and gastronomic offer. A bit further away is the magnificent Dugi Otok, part of which is Telascica Nature Park. Along with the peace only nature can offer you, it will capture your attention with luscious scents of Mediterranean plants, with natural shade of pines and oaks, with a sea of unseen beauty, but also with its numerous attractions. If you wish to stay on the island, in Zman there is a new luxury hotel Villa Nai 3.3 that will certainly satisfy your needs.

Lovers of mountain-climbing and hiking will be thrilled by the mighty mountain Velebit and Paklenica National Park found on its canyons. Well-marked trails are suitable for those wanting an easy walk, as well as those looking for a challenge. Zadar County’s river pearl is most certainly Zrmanja where you can, apart from rafting and kayaking, take a swim in designated areas and enjoy the natural hydromassage of its waterfalls.

Zadar County has numerous marinas and moorings for sailors, and it is home to one of the biggest marinas in the Mediterranean, the biggest one in Croatia – D Marin Dalmacija in Sukosan.

Those who find sailing an essential part of their lifestyle will be interested in Biograd Boat Show, a renowned nautical fair held in Biograd na Moru. This largest Croatian and Central Europe’s in-water boat show is held every year in October, and it has a rich additional and entertaining offer besides the boat exhibition.

Zadar area is full of diverse beaches, as well as potential. And potential should be cultivated. This is precisely why we raise the standard of luxurious construction in this county and build luxury properties that will blow you away. A luxury apartment or a penthouse in a modern villa with a private pool, seafront or extremely close to the sea? Innovative concepts and high-quality construction? Yes, please!

Rich History, Croatia’s Most Famous Beach and “Dispet” – Get to Know Dalmatia through Split

One of the mightiest Roman emperors, Diocletian, decided in 305 A.D. that he wanted to spend the rest of his life in this city. He built a palace that carries his name and to this day takes every tourist’s breath away when they visit Split, the heart of Split-Dalmatia County.

This is an area extremely rich with islands and natural beauty. Croatia’s probably most famous beach, Zlatni rat on Brac Island, is found in this county. Brac is Croatia’s largest island, well-connected to Split with ferry lines, that will delight you with its unique gastronomic offer.

There is also Mount Biokovo; Klis Fortress that served as a set to film the TV cult classic, Game of Thrones; Solin that was ages ago called Salona, the capital of a Roman province. Split-Dalmatia County also houses the sunniest island in Europe, Hvar, with over 2700 sunny hours a year.

At the foot of Dinara mountain, a proud bearer of Croatia’s highest peak, is river Cetina where you can enjoy rafting and canoeing.

Dalmatia through Sibenik’s Perspective – Breathtaking Wonders of Nature and Architecture

Right next to Zadar County, only a bit to the South, is Sibenik-Knin County with as much as 240 beautiful islands, islets, and reefs. Kornati National Park deserves a special mention, as well as the Kornati Archipelago that will fascinate you with sea clarity. You won’t be able to resist diving there!

Lovers of smaller and more peaceful islands who need an escape from urban hustle and bustle will find their place on Krapanj Island. Although its distance to the mainland is only 300 m, this island known for its three-century-long tradition of sponge cultivation will allow you to fully relax.

You will definitely recharge your batteries if you visit Krka National Park, whose most beautiful cascade Skradinski buk is easy to visit by a boat or a bicycle from beautiful Skradin (that also has a marina.)

The county’s center is the city of Sibenik with St James Cathedral that is on UNESCO Cultural World Heritage List and is a unique example of European sacral architecture. Besides the cathedral and small, picturesque streets that give it its Mediterranean flare, Sibenik is famous for its fortresses. Out of the three, the most famous one is St Michael’s where you can enjoy, along with a magnificent view of the city and the sea, numerous musical spectacles during the summer months.

“Pearl of the Adriatic” as a Well-known Movie Set in the Heart of Dubrovnik-Neretva County

The heart of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, a city under UNESCO protection in its entirety, Dubrovnik, enclosed with 1940-meter-long stone walls, needs no introduction. It is called the Pearl of the Adriatic whose beauty is renowned worldwide.

It’s visited by local and foreign celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes. It was known since ancient times for its trade, navy, shipping, and independence. For centuries, Dubrovnik resisted foreign conquerors and acted as an independent republic.

On just a ten-minute drive from Dubrovnik is the unique island Lokrum, “a monument of nature and landscape architecture” tied to numerous legends. Not far is Croatia’s second largest peninsula, Peljesac, where you simply must taste clams and red wine.

You will love Korcula Island, Marco Polo’s birthplace and one of the best-preserved medieval Mediterranean cities.

Neretva River, the other part of this county’s name, is the biggest river of the Adriatic watershed, and its beauty will charm you, especially Bacina Lakes. Neretva banks are full of numerous archaeological remains so don’t miss stopping by in Narona Archaeological Museum.

In Dubrovnik-Neretva County is the most forested island in the Adriatic – Mljet, whose part is a national park.

Dalmatia is a wonder of history, culture, unrivalled natural beauty, clear sea, ie, of potential. In Adria Europe Group, we recognized that potential and we feel great responsibility. Nature and culture should be looked after.

That is why we’re extremely conscious in our construction of modern villas with pool. If you are interested in the projects we are realizing in Zadar County, contact us, we will happily respond to all of your questions!

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