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Luxury Restaurants in Croatia – These are the Ones You Must Visit!

When you find yourself in a nice country, you also want to eat nice food. A country of natural beauty and the clear Adriatic Sea, Croatia is also a country of good food – juicy seasonal produce and rich gastronomic tradition. There is nothing sweeter than a fresh fig, cherry, or the salty Dalmatian prosciutto when you’re on a break from swimming and enjoying the sun. After it tires you out, and it will tire you because it’s hard to resist, you will want to charge your batteries with some nutritious “spiza”, as they call food in Dalmatia. We know your palate demands only the best, so we prepared a list of some of the finest restaurants in Croatia, on the coast and in the mainland.

In these restaurants you won’t enjoy just the food, but also the enchanting ambience with great attention put into every detail, one of the main characteristics of luxury. Let us go on a journey of getting to know luxury restaurants in Croatia!

Luxury Restaurants in Croatia – One of the Best is in Sibenik

Sibenik, a city not far from Zadar, is home to one of the most well-known Croatian restaurants – the multi-award-winning Pelegrini. The restaurant has an excellent location offering a magnificent view of The Cathedral of St James, while his interior design is a combination of traditional elements and elegance.

The owner and head chef, Rudi Stefan, bases his work ethic primarily on his love for the catering industry.

The restaurant’s inspiration for culinary creations is the local and seasonal offer of produce they get from small but trusted businesses. They put great emphasis on great quality of their catering service, no less important than the explosion of taste you will find on their plates.

Pelegrini also boasts a Michelin star, and they proud themselves in taking care of the future of Croatian gastronomy. They started a fund to help educate young people in gastronomy in international academies.

In the restaurant, you can enjoy a tasting menu, or a four-course meal.

Creativity, gastronomy heritage of the Sibenik area, continuous investment and education of the staff, local tastes and a fantastic ambience are the main characteristics of this remarkable restaurant we definitely recommend you visit when you find yourself in Sibenik!

Delicious Cuisine and a 360-degree View of the City in a Dubrovnik Restaurant

Situated on the Dubrovnik City Walls that date back to the Middle Ages, in a city under UNESCO protection, Restaurant 360 will delight you with its ambience as much as with its food. Specialized exclusively for dinners, under the guidance of chef Marijo Curic, 360 combines the tastes of Dubrovnik and the Mediterranean with modern culinary techniques.

Besides fantastic food, in this restaurant you will find 460 excellent wine varieties, along with a team of expert sommeliers to help you choose. Besides being a proud owner of a Michelin star, 360 won three awards solely for its wine card.

This restaurant’s specialty is certainly its eponymous 360-degree view of Dubrovnik and its harbor. If you add some cozy, atmosphere-enhancing lights and a light breeze, you have a perfect formula for a movie-like experience!

Before showing up in 360, certainly make a reservation as it is a must. Upon arrival, you face a tough choice – a five-course tasting menu or dinner a la carte. We are interested which you would choose!

The 1st and Only Zagreb Restaurant with a Michelin Star

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, can boast excellent restaurants and great restaurant service. Yet only one of its restaurants has a Michelin star. It’s named Noel, it is in the city center, and its culinary offer will entice your palate!

It was awarded a Michelin star only a few years after opening, which proves a truly comfortable atmosphere of this restaurant with modern design and top-notch level of food quality and service.

Chef Mario Kocis is at your disposal for imaginative and delicious dishes that will make you want to come back to this luxury restaurant. To help you choose an excellent wine to freshen up your evening, there is a sommelier Ivan Jug.

They have a wide variety of dishes in their offer, and it is also great that Noel has daily and weekend menus. On them, you can find an excellent steak tartare, a creatively-prepared trout, the iconic strukli – a pastry specialty from Zagorje, as well as the traditional viska pogaca (Vis bread pie.)

We are certain that visiting Noel in the city center will make your stay in beautiful Zagreb that has plenty to offer even better!

Fusion of the Island Tradition and Modern Culinary Techniques in Novalja’s Prestigious Restaurant

Novalja, a place known for its rich nightlife, apart from great places to party, also brings you an excellent restaurant and hotel Boskinac. This Michelin-star bearer situated on the island of Pag combines traditional island dishes with modern cooking techniques and a pronounced artistic approach.

On their plate, you can find shrimp, fish, Pag lamb, cheese, prosciutto and many other carefully selected fresh ingredients. Imperative in island cuisine that Boskinac draws inspiration from are various herbs and high-quality olive oil.

You can also try excellent wines from their own production, as well as other great Croatian or foreign wines carefully selected for their wine card.

Service is, like in any other luxury restaurant, as important as the food itself. Hence, in Boskinac, great emphasis is put onto their staff’s education in prestigious international establishments to have highest-level service.

Ambience and surroundings of this restaurant also get a very high grade. Boskinac is firmly enveloped by pine forests and olive groves, with a perfect ratio of necessary peace and passion.

When you are on Pag, along with discovering the island’s beauty, swimming in the clear sea, or having daytime or nighttime parties, visit Boskinac and recharge your batteries. It is said that coming to this restaurant is indescribable, you must experience it for yourself!

Restaurant Club Waldinger, Osijek

Deep in the continent, in gorgeous Slavonija full of fields of gold is the city of Osijek, a magnificent city where everything is within your reach! In its center is situated the last luxury hotel on our list – Waldinger.

Waldinger is a hotel with an included restaurant that draws your attention from the first glance with beautiful romantic lights decorating its exterior. It will quickly lead you to sneak a peek inside and relax in a luxuriously decorated interior combining modern and traditional design.

When it comes to cuisine, this is a unique opportunity to try Slavonian fish and meat specialties. With your chosen dish, do not forget to have a glass of wine this restaurant’s kind staff will gladly help you pick out.

After gastronomic delights, you can head to their pastry shop Gold by Waldinger right across the street, where you can have a cup of coffee and make your day sweeter with a piece of delicious cake.

Luxury restaurants in Croatia is a mission as well as a list – one that doesn’t end here, but sort of only begins. We hope the information on restaurants here were useful and that each of these well-known restaurants will live up to the expectations. In following texts, we continue writing about the beauty and particularities of Croatia, a country worth living in and investing in.

If you are already familiar with that fact and are looking for a perfect luxury property on the coast or in the continental Croatia, check out our projects and choose what’s best for you!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash, Jay Wennington on Unsplash, Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash, Flor Saurina on Unsplash.

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