Luxury Homes – 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Oasis

As summer slips away, fall comes knocking on our doors. As the weather gets colder, we're becoming used to spending more time indoors. There is no interior more important than your own home, so it's extremely important to decorate it according to your wishes. Whether it's a house or an apartment, home should be a place where you can relax and let go. Our oasis of peace, happiness, and safety, void of all the demands and noise of contemporary life, with some perks of modern technology.

Decorating should be a cherry on top, but it can turn into a real challenge. To try and make it easier for you, we prepared some advice for you and newest design trends you can use in decorating a luxurious home!

Luxurious homes as oases of piece with natural colors and lots of greenery

If you want to instill a sense of piece into your home and give it a dose of elegance, adorn it with plants. Surely you noticed how much more opulent and livelier living spaces, and workspaces, look when they house some greenery. Along with adding aesthetic value to the space, plants help in increasing productivity and creativity, as well as improving the air quality.

Depending on your wishes, you can include them in all rooms in your luxurious home. Succulents, Ficus trees, Aloe veras, orchids – the selection is huge and entirely up to you, depending on how much time you can dedicate to your plants. If you love floral-scented spaces, choose jasmine. For your bedroom, make sure to choose those plants that won't release carbon dioxide during the night, like succulents or orchids.

You can also “underscore” a sense of peace in your living space by using a nature-inspired color palette in decorating your interior. Your walls – the designer Jan Showers says that cool tones will give you that effect – your furniture, bedlinen, or curtains. Using natural materials, like wood, silk, and cotton, also plays a big role in increasing the relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Get familiar with the concept of quiet design

We lead fast lives, at moments too fast. We're constantly online, distracted, spread thin, often surrounded by noise and sounds. But when we finally open the doors to the place we call home, we want to feel the peace and security only home can give us. Because that is what home should be, the place where we can always reconnect with ourselves and be who we truly are.

One of the latest trends in decorating luxurious properties is the so-called quiet design that's in line with this philosophy. You can accomplish it by choosing furniture with clean lines, soft and organic materials, and a small amount of decor – to make those important and special objects stand out even more. Extraneous objects are best put away in appropriate storage spaces, and when it comes to choosing your color palette it’s best to focus on subdued and earthy colors.

Curtains on your windows, marble on your floors

Luxurious homes often have high ceilings, big floor-to-ceiling windows, and spacious terraces. That is, a lot of room for light to enter and a magnificent view of the sea, mountains, or city lights.

Curtains can also, besides their function of filtering light, give your home an aesthetic value.

Their selection should therefore be deliberate, and there are several factors to consider. Type of fabric, style, color, and thickness all depend on what you want to accomplish and say with your curtains, how much light you want to let into your space. Natural materials can satisfy all your needs. If you want your curtains airier, choose silk, cotton, or linen, while velvet and brocade will serve perfectly for “heavier” and more subdued curtains.

Besides curtains, marble, this “timeless symbol of purity”, is nowadays irreplaceable in decorating luxurious homes. What we love about marble is that we can place it anywhere in our space, and it will do its magic and elevate the space to a higher level. Whether it's a white marble flooring, or a marble worktop in your spacious kitchen, marble is an excellent choice!

Stand out with sustainable design

More than ever before, on a global level, we are considering the importance of preserving our environment. We all feel the consequences of climate change on our skin every day, no matter our age or place of living. Up until now we produced a lot and consumed a lot, but it might be time to replace “a lot” with “in a smart way”.

We encounter the term sustainable everywhere, but what does it mean when applied to interior design? How do you decorate your home in an eco-friendly way?

The first step is definitely introducing as much natural light as possible, which is affected by window size and position, but also wall paint. Darker wall paints definitely demand the usage of more artificial light, while lighter shades like white or beige reflect light better.

One of UK's most popular trends is the upcycling trend which is all about transforming old furniture. Not only can you let your imagination roam freely, but you can also accomplish a special and unique personal space which, we are sure, you strive for.

As the consciousness about environment preservation grows, more and more furniture producers turn to sustainability. Pick companies that use eco-friendly materials and are environment-conscious in their business and production.

Play with your lighting

Lighting has always played a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere, as much as in a movie or theatre, as in the atmosphere of your home. It is very important but should also be used wisely while keeping in mind the above-mentioned sustainability.

A growing number of imaginative lighting designers shows that caring about the environment doesn't mean you can't enjoy excellent design.

For your terrace, pick the awarded (and portable!) Solight solar lights inspired by the art of origami made from recycled and biodegradable material.

If you want a sophisticated and impressive light for your interior, insert a chandelier. Sculptural chandeliers are a trend that's here to stay and a type of lighting that will always grab everyone's attention wherever you place it. If you want something special and sustainable, Varaluz handmade chandeliers might delight you. Made from recycled materials like glass or steel, their design is simply breathtaking.

Those looking for something completely different might be interested in industrial-style lighting which is gaining popularity in luxury homes and resorts. Inspired by the 18th and 19th century aesthetics, industrial-style lighting leaves the impression of a rough draft with raw power.

Covering aspects from plants to lighting we reached the end of this text. If we could and should conclude something, it is that natural and sustainable is always a better choice. While decorating your luxurious home choose those objects and solutions that are friendly towards the environment. Luckily, that doesn't mean you have to give up on the beautiful, opulent, and comfortable. Quite the opposite – more and more designers turn to innovative, ornate, and eco-friendly solutions for home decor.

If you are currently looking for a new home (or a second one), whether it's on the coast or in the continent, look at our offer. We build luxury properties of the highest standard and pay extra attention to each minute detail. If you want the best, we are here for you!

Photo by Medhat Ayad, Max Vakhtbovych, Vecislavas Popa from Pexels, Curology, Hutomo Abrianto, Minh Pham on Unsplash.

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