Luxurious Hotels in Croatia – Continental Pearls

Are you dreaming of a short vacation to break up those working months between summer and winter holidays? If you do, this is an ideal moment to get to know the specific beauty each Croatian city has to offer. Those cities on the Adriatic coast may have pulsed with life during the season behind us, but now you have the perfect opportunity to get to know the numerous boons found in Croatia’s inland.

Comfort is important for every pleasant trip, especially when it comes to the accommodation you’ll put your trust in. Because of that, in this article we’ll bring you a list of the best luxurious hotels in Croatia that will surely, with their hospitality and unique offers, justify the stars given to them.

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel – the center of glamour, style, and tradition in Zagreb

If you want to experience first-class treatment while staying in the center of Croatia’s vibrant capital, Esplanade is a hotel you shouldn’t miss. This glamorous five-star hotel, where each guest is treated like a VIP, enables you to experience the very essence of luxury.

It was built all the way in 1925 to offer accommodation to the passengers travelling from Paris to Istanbul via the famous Orient Express, and over time it became one of the most well-known and prestigious buildings in Zagreb’s historical city center. Each of the 208 rooms in the luxurious Esplanade boasts of a remarkable design that perfectly combines the opulence of art deco style with contemporary comfort requirements.

Visitors of this hotel bursting with Hollywood glamour point out as one of its biggest advantages the meticulous and personalized staff service that makes them return time and again.

Wellness Hotel Villa Magdalena – excellent wellness holiday in the heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje

If you’re looking for an intimate place for a romantic and relaxed holiday with your partner, in the center of Krapinske Toplice there is a hotel whose offer will surely satisfy your need for the recuperation of body and mind.

In every Villa Magdalena’s apartment, you can start your morning submerged in a hydromassage tub filled with healing thermal water while enjoying your view of picturesque Zagorje hills. After that, you have the opportunity to continue your day enjoying saunas, pools, massages, and other relaxing wellness packages, or you can spend the sunny hours doing outdoors activities like trekking, cycling, or long walks surrounded with greenery.

Visitors of this continental pearl are delighted with the service and hospitality of the qualified personnel, and they are calling the chef’s creations true works of art!

Hotel Osijek – a touch of luxury on the banks of the Drava River

During your next holiday, experience a dash of excitement in the heart of Slavonija while staying in the first-class hotel overviewing the Croatian Amazon River! Rooms and apartments in Hotel Osijek are specifically designed to offer extreme comfort, and more than half of the rooms have recently been completely renovated to offer a special touch of elegance and luxury. The accommodation units boast of modern design with high-quality materials and carefully selected details that will satisfy even the most demanding guest’s need for a comfortable stay.

The relaxing experience of Hotel Osijek will be completed with a view of the green Baranja and the Drava River which is bordered on both sides by a styled walkway made for evening exploration and recreation. Besides the tastes of Slavonian culinary tradition, on the menu of Zimska Luka restaurant within the hotel, you will find excellent culinary works stemming from all parts of Croatia and the world.

Hotel Mirjana & Rastoke – a Slunj paradise for adventure lovers

Hotel Mirjana & Rastoke will offer you the perfect comfort with its elegant and modern rooms – to which you can order room-service after a long day spent participating in adrenaline-rush activities.

This ideal place for both holidays and business events is set in the heart of the fantastic Slunj nature and offers its guests a handful of adventure trips. For those ready for action, there is the kayak safari, rafting, quad excursions, paintball, and the possibility of renting electric bikes, while guests who lean towards a more relaxed holiday get to explore hidden swimming spots in the untouched nature of Korana River or visit a nearby bowling alley.

Park Boutique Hotel – charming elegance in the center of historical Varazdin

Whether you wish to try out indigenous or international dishes in the finest restaurant, sweeten your day with original desserts, gift yourself a wellness weekend, or hold a conference, this luxurious multipurpose hotel will readily cater to all your needs. Located in the city center, in a park that is one of the historical symbols of Varazdin, Park Boutique Hotel will delight you with its original and modern approach with a hint of tradition expertly crafted into visual details. Immediately upon exiting the hotel, you can stretch your legs in the natural greenery of the public walkway decorated in an English style and enjoy the interplay of light and shadows from a dense tree foliage. All around the city, the spirit of times long passed is strongly felt, someplace medieval, someplace baroque, and each scene is almost as if captured in a historical postcard. This is precisely why Varazdin has been taking home the award for the best Croatian continental destination worth visiting for years now with ease.

Cattunar Wine Residence – luxurious Istrian wine story

With the end of the seaside season comes the excellent time to explore the natural beauty that might remain overlooked during the peak of summer because of its distance from the coast. One of such unique opportunities to enjoy nature, Cattunar Wine Residence, is located more towards Istrian inland, but still close enough to the sea that in case you change your mind, you’re only a short ride away from the coast.

If you decide to pick this extraordinary accommodation within the vineyards of Cattunar family, you’ll spend your holiday away from the throng of tourists, surrounded by a fairytale-like greenery, olive groves, and profound peace. Every room in which you can stay is uniquely designed and decorated, and ensures cozy and tranquil atmosphere with all the benefit of modern content and spectacular views of Istrian landscape.

If you fall in love with some of the cities in Croatia’s mainland after visiting one of these luxurious hotels and decide to create your home there, we can happily help you realize that. Our mission is to build unique real estate for people who know what they want, so look into our projects and settle down in an enchanting Croatian city of your choosing, whether it’s by the sea or in the continent.

Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash, Frane Medić on Unsplash, Leticia Ribeiro from Pexels.

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