Top Beaches in Zadar County for Every Taste

Zadar County has many beautiful and diverse beaches, mostly thanks to its amazing geographical position. It is situated in the centre od the East Adriatic, in the middle part of Dalmatia. It is near many National and Nature Parks, such as Plitvice Lake, Krka and Paklenica.

Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the mountain Velebit, Zadar County really has to offer many natural beauties.

There are many lovely beaches in the town of Zadar, but the most mesmerising ones are spread around the entire region. Whether you like joyful, peaceful, sandy or pebble beaches, pine trees or parasols, you can find something to suit your heart’s desire.

Here is the list of the top beaches in Zadar County for every taste!

1. Zrce Beach, Pag

    Zrce is probably the most infamous beach in Croatia! It is well known for its parties and rich nightlife. The beach itself is beautiful as it can be – it was proclaimed the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic in 2002. Also, it is the carrier of the Blue Flag, Croatian symbol of ecology and sustainability. It is a gravel beach that, besides many clubs near the beach, has a lot of recreational and fun content.

    2. Queen’s Beach, Nin

      Another gorgeous sandy beach in the royal town of Nin, Queen’s Beach will for sure take your breath away. It is called that way because of the legend that says that the wife of the first Croatian king, Tomislav, used to come there often to try to relax from the stressful life at the court.

      The beach is 3 kilometers long and while you are laying on your deck chair, sipping a refreshing cocktail from the near bar, you have an open view to the Mount Velebit. It can’t get any better that this, really.

      Queen’s Beach, Nin
      Queen’s Beach, Nin

      3. St. Peter’s Beach, Kozino 

      For those who prefer peace, quiet and solitude, St. Peter’s Beach in the edge of Kozino just might do the trick. It is surrounded by pine forest that gives a natural shade, all the way to the clean, blue sea. Kozino is situated about 10 kilometers from Zadar and during the summer months there are a lot of interesting events. Once you’ve relaxed on St. Peter’s Beach, you are invited to taste some of the local food on the popular Dalmatian event called “festice”.

      4. Sabunike, Privlaka

        Peaceful and calm, sandy beach Sabunike in Privlaka is perfect for those who seek a getaway from crowded beaches but still like to see other people out there. It is situated in Privlaka, a small place between the town of Zadar and the royal city of Nin. The sea in Sabunike is shallow and perfect for family vacation but also for water sports!

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        Sabunike, Privlaka
        Sabunike, Privlaka

        5. Sakarun, Dugi Otok

        There are more than 120 islands in the Zadar archipelago and Dugi Otok is one of the most magnificent ones. Sakarun is a very specific beach, located on the northwest part of the island. It has white sand and crystal – clear, clean and extremely shallow sea and is surrounded by pine tree forest. 

        There are some catering facilities on the beach that offer refreshments and there is a good transportation connection from Bozava, where ferries or catamarans dock.

        6. Beach Ljubac, Ljubac

        For those who want to get away from the crowded town beaches and would like to escape into the “less known”, Ljubac Beach is a great choice! Ljubac is a small place near Zadar, very quiet and peaceful, with quality local food. The beaches are sandy and great for the children but also for couples who are looking for some place to just chill out. The sea temperatures are really pleasant and there are some bars on the beach so you can enjoy a refreshment when you need one!

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        7. The Zlatna luka Beach, Sukosan

        The Zlatna luka Beach is located on the sole entrance to Sukosan, when driving from Zadar. Sukosan is a small town that has everything a person needs, including amazing beaches! The Zlatna luka Beach is covered with pebble and it has pine and tamaris trees that give a natural shade. There is also a shower, an eco-toilette and dressing rooms on the beach.

        An extra tip: Don’t forget to buy some of the local products, such as olive oil or figs on the stands next to road, that are characteristic for this area!

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        8. Duboka Draga Beach, Vrsi

        For those in a search for completely wild and natural beaches, Duboka Draga in Vrsi has what you need. It is a 10-minute drive from the center of Vrsi. It is covered in small stones that lead you to the exquisitely clear and alluring sea. Also, there is an amazing view of the Velebit Mountain which makes this beach one of our favorite when it comes to top beaches in Zadar county!

        Duboka Draga Beach, Vrsi
        Duboka Draga Beach, Vrsi

              9. Borik, Zadar

              Last on our list, but certainly not the least, is Borik, a city beach in Zadar. Borik is quite large and diverse place to enjoy the summer sun. Part of the beach is covered with sand and is perfect for families and children.

              The other part of the beach has gravel but also wooden decks that are placed in the sea. You can place your towel there and soak up the sun rays but also fall in love in the enticing sunset Zadar is known for. Also, if you are up for a walk, there is a promenade, all the way to the other beach named Diklo.

              Borik Beach, Zadar
              Borik Beach, Zadar

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                So, this is it - these are our choices for the best beaches in the Zadar County. What do you say? Have you been to any of the mentioned beaches? Do you have one to add on our list? Would you like to have a house near one of these extraordinary beaches?

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